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All product prices include hand sanding.   Staining not included.

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Staining and Bunkie Boards


All of our beds are sanded silky smooth even in all of the hard to reach areas. To protect your investment and add the color of your choice, we recommend letting us stain it with MINWAX® oil based stains. The advantage for you is the fact that we hand stain each piece and then wipe it down. If you desire to stain or paint the bed, it will come to you sanded and partially assembled. This will require your working with cracks and hard to reach areas not counting the extra labor and mess involved. However, the choice is entirely up to you.

            We use MINWAX® oil based stains for our base stains. If you desire a water based stain, pastel colored stains, or a finish surface applied, the cost is double the regular stain fee. This is due to the increased cost of the stain and the double time it takes to apply.

            If you are ordering multiple units which are all stained the same color, significant price discounts are available. Since our setup time and material costs are reduced, we pass the savings along to you.

Bunkie Boards

Should you choose to have your bed(s) shipped to you, you will need to procure the bunkie boards from your local lumber retail outlet (please choose one with a working panel cut-off saw). Using the patterns below, have the store employee(s) cut the boards to size. The dimensions given allow 1/8th of an inch slack on all sides of the item. We suggest that you choose ¾” thick MDF (medium density fiberboard). The universal product standards of the sheetgoods industry guarantee compatibility with our requirements to assure product safety and longevity.

To secure the bunkie boards to the bed frame there are two options:

  • Drill and countersink the appropriate holes per the bunkie board diagram and secure with 2” sheetrock screws.

  • Use 2” square drive screws and drive them directly through the bunkie boards into the support structure using the distance measurements on the diagram.


Standard Twin Bunkie Board

Queen Length Twin Bunkie Board

Double Bunkie Board

King & Queen Bunkie Board

Item Cost to stain
Bed $75
Trundle bed $30
Franklin Chair $30
Stain Bookcases 25% of product cost
Storage Drawers $30
Bookcase Headboards $30
Furniture 25% of product cost


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