Shipping and/or delivery are the most interesting and challenging aspects of this business. At the present time we use The Box Doctor located in Kansas City, MO for our shipper. We have used them exclusively since the inception of our company in the year 2000. Since that time we have never received a report of a damaged bed or component. Their current rate is $ 1.00 per lb. This includes packaging the products and then shipping them to your driveway via commercial truck lines. Moving the products from the driveway to the appropriate room locations or garage is the purchasers’ responsibility. When the freight company contacts you for a delivery date and time, you may inquire as to the availability of the deliverymen putting the products in place. There is a charge for this service when it is available.

Delivery by Way Out Bunk Beds is also another option. When several orders occur close enough together to warrant the cost and a reasonably direct route is possible, we deliver using a 4 x 4 pickup and 12’ enclosed trailer. Our delivery rate is no more than ˝ of the commercial truck line rate, and sometimes we can save you even more. Making the construction schedules and delivery dates mesh is a challenging job.

Occasionally, while on vacation, people will stop by the shop to pick up beds. Sometimes we will meet a customer halfway between resident locations for product and payment exchange. We will do whatever we can within the cost and time constraints of each sale to get your products to you in a timely fashion. We will do our best to be creative for you.



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